Listography – Top Five Randoms

I’ve not done a Listography for a while, but this is one that I can definitely get on board with – top five random things that you like…the weirder the better. So, here’s a little snapshot that is the weirdness of me:

  1. When I eat a roast dinner, I like to eat it in ‘order’. I’ve done it my whole life, but I eat it based on what I like the least, first. So it usually goes: Brussels sprouts/cabbage, all other veg, Yorkshires, stuffing, meat. I genuinely don’t enjoy my meal unless I eat it in that order.
  2. Falling asleep on the sofa. I’ve always done it and my Mum used to nag me to go and get in bed (a job which Husband now fulfils) but for some reason I just love sleeping on the sofa. I sleep soundly there, especially if someone else is still awake and watching telly.
  3. Hearing Sausage swear. I’m sure this makes me a terrible mother, but on the very odd occasion that she’s tested the water and used a profane word, I find it properly hilarious. Plus, I think it shows great mental acuity when she uses them in context. (Don’t get me wrong, she always gets told not to say bad words, in fact it’s usually her saying “Mummy, don’t use that WORD!”)
  4. Accidentally on purpose wearing a similar outfit to Sausage. It used to happen by accident, but I must admit I do sometimes co-ordinate our outfits deliberately. I know, bat-shit crazy, right?
  5. Having my hair washed at the hairdressers. There’s just something so relaxing about someone else washing your hair for you.
So there you have it. Head over to Kate Takes 5 for more link ups.


16 thoughts on “Listography – Top Five Randoms

  1. Great list – particularly the last one – I nearly fell asleep while mine was being done in the hairdressers this morning!

  2. Same here with the dinner but my order is, cabbage/carrots/peas/stuffing/meat/yorkshires with the mash potato last, mixed with the last of the gravy!
    I think it stems from my mum and her mum not letting me have pudding when I was little if I didn’t eat all my dinner and I soon caught on that it was easier to get rid of the things I liked the least, first!

  3. In addition to getting my hair washed at the hair dresser’s (I let it get especially dirty), I enjoy a head massage/scratch that mine gives. Love your list!

  4. While I was pregnant, I bought a dress for my daughter that’s a mini version of one I have, and I can’t wait until she’s old enough to wear it. I figure I have to do stuff like this now, because she probably won’t co-operate once she’s old enough to realize what’s going on.

  5. I’m quite guilty of number 3 and 4 too. And I love getting my hair washed. I always save a roast potato til last because its my favourite. So either you’re perfectly normal or I’m bat-crap crazy too.

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