We’ve been sent a few things over the last few weeks to review and I’ve been really slack in getting them done, so today will be a day of reviews on Mum’s the Word, starting with Rastamouse.

For those of you not in the know, the BBC describes Rastamouse as “stop-motion series featuring a crime-fighting special agent who plays in a reggae band.” What’s NOT to love about that?! We were lucky enough to be sent both a DVD and a talking plush Rastamouse, both of which Sausage absolutely loved!

The plush retails for around £12.89 and plays a variety of Rastamouse’s infamous sayings and songs when you press his tummy. I have to say, this little rodent Rastafari has been keeping me on my toes, purely because I can’t help but dance every time his tummy is pressed and the theme tune rings out! We’re definitely a Rastamouse house!

The DVD is excellent too, retailing at just £8.49, and it offers  a selection of 6 episodes that we can watch at anytime, including:

  • Da Crucial Plan
  • Bakin’ and Breakin’
  • Mice Camera Action
  • Da Rhymin Teef
  • Pie Without Cheese
  • Toots Re-routes

Anyone who likes Rastamouse will love the new line of merchandise, and anyone who’s never seen it should still give it a go as it’s one of those lovely programmes that never fails to make you smile. I think it’s a particular fave in our house as it combines relatively old-fashioned stop-motion animation that Husband and I remember so well from our childhoods, with a colourful, contemporary feel thanks to the characters and music, which Sausage really loves and responds well to. We’d recommend the plush and DVD to anyone, especially as Christmas gifts or stocking fillers for your little one.

Go on, give this a watch. I bet you a pound you at least  nod your head along to it!