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This is not me. Just for the record.

Today, I would like to talk to you about boobs: How many do you have?

That may sound like a trick question, but until last week, I had four. Between losing weight, having a baby, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight and so on a so forth, my boobs have suffered. Mainly because I’ve always stuck to the same bra size, never deviating despite severe discomfort and The Curse of the Four Boobs. You know, that thing where the top third of your chest looks like it’s trying to make a hasty escape from the confines of your bra?

So, when the lovely people at Marks and Spencer asked me if I’d like to give their bra fitting service a go, I thought I really ought, if only for the health and wellbeing of the girls. I’ve been for bra fittings before in other stores and actually found it a wholly unpleasant experience. I hate getting my kit off in front of anyone who’s not my Husband (except Sausage. Oh, and my Mum and my Sister, but you get my point) and if I’m being totally honest, I’m not a fan of physical contact with people I don’t know. Shut up, I know I’m a weirdo.

I visited my local M&S on a Thursday morning and the store was nice and quiet, but there were still two members of staff in the lingerie department, both of whom were trained to fit bras. The lady I got was probably about 5 years younger than me but was so polite and seemed to really know her onions. Or should that be melons?! I was led to a changing room, measured by the young lady and promptly told that not only was my current bra a back size too small, it was also a cup size too small! No wonder I’d been uncomfortable!

I was then told to wait in the changing room while the assistant went off and found bras in sizes and styles that would be right for me. We tried a couple of different combinations of sizes as she explained to me that everyone is a different shape, so while you may measure as one size, a larger cup and smaller back size may fit better, it’s all about getting all of your breast tissue to sit inside the cup. Anyway, we tried a ton of different ones and I chose this one to buy, because apparently, girls with enormous whammers should wear a full cup bra.

I was really impressed with the service I received, the professionalism of the assistant and the overall experience. Even the changing rooms were nice, none of the usual hideous glaring neon lights, the cubicles felt plush and cosy, and didn’t leave you feeling like you were standing topless in the middle of a warehouse. The store I visited had quite low stock of bras in my size (not surprising really, given that I am a large mammaried freak), but the assistant explained that they could order in anything that I wanted and it’d be there within a week.

One thing I really hate about bra shopping, because I have a large bust, is noticing a style I like then trawling through rail after rail of undies, only to discover they don’t do that style in my size. But something that I discovered about Marks’ bras is that the hangers are all clearly labelled to tell you what size the bras go up to, which saves a lot of time and frustration and really made me feel better about the whole thing.

I came away from Marks and Spencer feeling happy, comfortable and a lot better about myself. Wearing a bra in the correct size has even improved my silhouette in my clothes, as it’s not pinching and causing bulges in all the wrong places. I even thought the bras were great value too, with the one I bought costing me just £14. If you’ve got a large bust, you’ll know that it’s not only difficult to find a decent style on the high street but it’s also difficult to find anything vaguely pretty for under £30, so I’m super happy about that.

I think I can genuinely say that I am a true convert to the Marks and Spencer measuring service and their range of lingerie, and I’ll be going back six-monthly just to make sure I’m wearing the right size. Also, they’ve got an offer on at the moment where if you spend over £30 on anything in their underwear range, you’ll get £5 off, which is a brilliant deal and is also available online.

Click here to find your nearest Marks and Spencer store.

I was sent a £20 voucher for Marks and Spencer to test out their fitting service and purchase a new bra. This has not affected my review in any way and all opinions above are honest.

6 thoughts on “BOOBS!

  1. Good ol’ Marks and Sparks! I love their bras actually, and I do find the staff friendly too. Glad you’ve got the girls a nice new home! Beautiful bra choice by the way!

  2. I love my M&S bras, but their fitting service… Woman managed to convince me I was a C. I kept saying it felt too big but she said that was because I was not used to wearing one and eventually I bought something. After wearing it for a day I couldn’t bear it so went back to a different branch. Lady there took one look and refunded me in full. Then re-fitted me with an AA. Now I’m happy 🙂

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