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The Argos Saga Continues…

So, on 1st August I was promised a £50 cheque within 7 days as compensation for the 7 months of rigmarole that Argos has put us through. Here we are, on 9th August and surprise, surprise; NO CHEQUE. But it gets better. Not only is there no cheque, but after spending half an hour being pushed from pillar to post on yet another 0845 number, there is apparantly NO RECORD of any such compensation being …

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Calling All Cowards – My iVillage Post

My first post for iVillage also went live today, so if you think you’d like to read a post that begins with the line ‘Daddy, what’s gay?’, you should head over there now!    

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I’ve gone and done another vlog review for the lovely folk at, go here if you want to have a butchers.

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I’m fairly certain that the title of this post will put people off of reading, and maybe even make people groan and roll their eyes skywards. But that’s kind of the point of this post. I’d been formulating it for a while when I had an email from one of the other BDT writers, discussing article planning. I happened to mention that we’ll be planning our Christmas articles within the next couple of months, only …

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Ask not what you can do for your blog, but what your blog can do for you…

Ten months and four days ago, I turned on my laptop, opened up my browser, directed it to WordPress. Some form filling and theme choosing later and Mum’s the Word was born. Today, Mum’s the Word looks totally different, has a hell of a lot more readers,  and seems to have organically found a space in my life and my heart. I don’t use the same theme, the same browser or even the same laptop …

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Silent Sunday

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Apparently, The Customer ISN’T Always Right…UPDATED.

I’ve written many a product review here on Mum’s the Word and over at Brew Drinking Thinkings and I always say things as honestly as I can. Remember the Roomba review? Or the unofficial Moon Dough assessment? Just last week I had a crisis of conscience over a product which I had terrible results with, which resulted in me emailing the PR company and telling them I’d had a bad experience. To their credit, they …

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