Meet Dink

Sausage has a new friend. Meet Dink:

Dink was formerly known as Jinx, but Sausage decided to rechristen him. Oh, and I’ve just been informed that he is now a she. Dink is a Zhu Zhu Pet, and despite Sausage talking about them since just before christmas last year, we still managed to forget to get her one for either Christmas OR her birthday, so when this little dude turned up on the doorstep, we were both overwhelmed. Sausage, because she thinks our postwoman is a secret millionaire who brings her a regular slew of books, games and toys, and me because the high-pitched squeal that emitted from my daughter almost made my ears bleed.

But no, in all seriousness, Dink (Jinx) is a gorgeous little thing, roughly the same size as a normal hamster, and she (he) zooms about making all sorts of cute little squeaks and noises. He has a button on him nose, one on his back and one on his butt, and eat button press elicits a different response from him. Sausage is well and truly in love, he’s already accompanied us on all sorts of outings and only just stopped short of accompanying her to bed, on account of the fact the she might roll on him in her sleep and press the buttons, thus waking us all in a rodent-fuelled, squeaky terror!

The Zhu Zhu Pets also have a fantastic website where you can sign up for an account, allowing you to watch clips, create wish lists, earn points and explore the Zhu-niverse, creating a multimedia experience for those who want to take their Zhu Zhu Pets experience to the next stage.

Sausage is thrilled with her new toy, and I’ve no doubt that we’ll be adding to our Zhu Zhu family with another little critter in the future!

(Sausage was sent one Zhu Zhu Pet to play with and keep, by the lovely folk at UKMums.TV. No payment was received for this post and all views within are the honest opinions of myself and my family)

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