A Song A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

Husband, Sausage and I listen to a lot of music, lots of different types of music too. One of our favourite things to do of an evening is get Sausage in her pyjamas and sit together while Husband flicks from song to song on Spotify. Sausage will eventually doze off and we’ll go from Matt Monro to Damien Marley to The Prodigy and back round again. Tonight, Husband and I were discussing a song for each day of the week, and I thought I’d share mine here, in case you all wanted to have a listen.

Blue Monday – Bob Seger


Tuesday’s Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd


Wednesday Evening Blues – John Lee Hooker


Sweet Thursday – Pizzicato Five


Friday I’m In Love – The Cure


Saturday Sun – Nick Drake


Sunday Morning – No Doubt



I’ve added a little linky below in case anyone wants to go ahead and make their own list, I’d be very curious to see what you can come up with. There’s no rules, just a song for each day of the week. 🙂

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Meet Dink

Sausage has a new friend. Meet Dink:

Dink was formerly known as Jinx, but Sausage decided to rechristen him. Oh, and I’ve just been informed that he is now a she. Dink is a Zhu Zhu Pet, and despite Sausage talking about them since just before christmas last year, we still managed to forget to get her one for either Christmas OR her birthday, so when this little dude turned up on the doorstep, we were both overwhelmed. Sausage, because she thinks our postwoman is a secret millionaire who brings her a regular slew of books, games and toys, and me because the high-pitched squeal that emitted from my daughter almost made my ears bleed.

But no, in all seriousness, Dink (Jinx) is a gorgeous little thing, roughly the same size as a normal hamster, and she (he) zooms about making all sorts of cute little squeaks and noises. He has a button on him nose, one on his back and one on his butt, and eat button press elicits a different response from him. Sausage is well and truly in love, he’s already accompanied us on all sorts of outings and only just stopped short of accompanying her to bed, on account of the fact the she might roll on him in her sleep and press the buttons, thus waking us all in a rodent-fuelled, squeaky terror!

The Zhu Zhu Pets also have a fantastic website where you can sign up for an account, allowing you to watch clips, create wish lists, earn points and explore the Zhu-niverse, creating a multimedia experience for those who want to take their Zhu Zhu Pets experience to the next stage.

Sausage is thrilled with her new toy, and I’ve no doubt that we’ll be adding to our Zhu Zhu family with another little critter in the future!

(Sausage was sent one Zhu Zhu Pet to play with and keep, by the lovely folk at UKMums.TV. No payment was received for this post and all views within are the honest opinions of myself and my family)

Anger · Opinion · Personal · Rant

The Ultimate Betrayal

I never thought that it would end the way it did, with me finding out that you’d been cheating behind my back. I honestly never thought you’d do it to me, I thought you were honest and true, a real family man. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. You’d been flirting and courting the Russian for some time, or so it seems. I think that’s the bit that hurt the most, the fact that you were saying all the right things to my face, making an effort and going out of your way to pledge your devotion to me, and then playing away. I feel so stupid.

And more than feeling stupid, I feel so bitter. You made me believe in you and then took it all away with an ease that I never expected from you, an ease which almost took my breath away. I HATE feeling this way, I’m almost as angry with you for turning me into this cynical, untrusting person as I am for the betrayal that you found so easy

So now I know what it is you’re really after, you want more than I can offer, more money, more glamour, a trophy. And I just cannot make those promises. Honesty, hard work and integrity. That’s what I have.

But it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, is it? Far from being the prize you thought you were, you’re langushing. Oh yes, I’ve heard about your performance problems, your inability to fulfill needs. And I can’t say I’m surprised. I was willing to love you in spite of all of that. But you threw it in my face.

Sure, you were good for me at the beginning, but at the end of our time together your heart clearly wasn’t in it, you were no longer interested, your eye already wandering. I should have known. I should have known.

Does it kill you to see me doing so well without you? I’ve had my ups and downs, but I think I’m on the right track now, headed towards happiness and success. And I did it without you. Better off without you. It’s taken me a while to realise it, I still catch my breath when I see the odd glimpse of you, here and there, and although you’ve put on a good front, I can see you aren’t entirely comfortable, being touted about town like a cheap trinket.

So fuck you, Fernando Torres. I hope you’re happy. But just know, you’ll never find another club like Liverpool Football Club or fans like ours. And I reckon you’re still kicking yourself, even now.

I’ve been wantng to write this for a while, but in the deafening cacophony that was the aftermath, I had trouble finding my voice. So here it is, dedicated to each and every Liverpool fan. YNWA.


I’d love it if you could sign this petition, demanding full disclosure of all documents relatng to the Hillsborough Disaster, which will hopefully lead to justice for the 96 people who were tragically killed on that fateful day. You don’t need to be a Liverpool fan to sign, just a human being with a heart and a desire for the truth. We need 100,000 signatures in total and we’re just under 10,000 shy of that, so every name counts. Thanks.

All About ME!

To Dye For…A Blow-by-Blow!

I’ve been dying my hair dark since just before Christmas, mainly due to the fact that I had roots down to my ears and no time to get to a hairdressers to get my previously adored peroxide blonde hair reinstated. I loved being blonde, I mean REALLY loved it. But it was WAY too high maintenance, and for the price of one cut and colour as a blondie, I can buy pretty much a whole years worth of DIY dying kits. I used to be a massive spendaholic, but these days I think of everything in terms of Sausage and our family budget, like one cut and blow dry could pay for a whole term of swimming lessons for Sausage, or a For Luna swimsuit (that I’ve been coveting for a LONG time) is about half of our weekly shopping budget.

I’ve tried various different brands so far, opting at first for L’Oreal Preference in Dark Auburn, which I liked, but it seem a lot dearer than the other brands. So next I went for the new John Frieda Precision Foam Colour and was astonished by how easily it went on. Being a being of a home dye nOOb, I’d previously had to ask the long-suffering Husband to help me each time, but the John Frieda one went on SO easily, I could do it myself. I loved the freedom it gave me but (isn’t there always a but?) the colour faded quite quickly. Frustrating, as the colour was lovely and rich at first, but just seemed to lose its lustre in a trice.

Today, I’m typing this with a brand new dye on my head. I’m using Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair colour in Light Copper. This is a bit of a gamble, as it’s a different brand and a different colour to what I’ve used before, but I’m giving it a go. It’s just £6 at the moment with a free lock-in colour treatment, and I can’t resist a bargain, even if it does leave me looking like a belisha beacon. But it’s due to be rinsed off in 17 minutes, so we’ll see, won’t we?!

Here’s a bit of trivia for you, while we’re waiting…see that t-shirt I’m wearing? It’s my dying t-shirt now, but it used to belong to Husband. The slogan on the front reads ‘Pull my ring and suck my plums’…nice, huh?! It was a promotional t-shirt given to him when he was in the bar management game by a company called Choya Plum Shots who had a brief foray into novelty plum flavoured shots. He once got asked to leave a very posh hotel whilst wearing it to work on their air conditioning and had to spend the rest of the day working with it inside out.

But, I digress.

11 minutes and counting…

5 minutes…

Just for the record, this is in no way a sponsored post or a review for anyone, I just thought it would be SUPER nice and helpful of me to share my results with you lot. You could save a fortune and your local Avon lady will be about 60p richer!

3 minutes…

Right, I’m going to go and get the shower fired up, in readiness for the rinsing..please god let this have turned out okay, Sausage and I are due at a party in about two and a half hours, and I don’t have time for a rescue mission to the local chemist!


Well. I haven’t taken the towel off of my head yet, but I’m about 96.7% certain that I’ve got bright ginger roots and the rest of my hair looks exactly the same. Just waiting for Hubs to get out of the bathroom so I can assess it properly…

Okay, so the roots are a touch lighter that the rest of my hair, but considering I went from one brand to another, it’s not gone too badly. The conditioner they give you to use after you’ve rinsed the dye off has left my hair feeling super soft and smooth and it smells good too, which is good as the dye itself had a really odd smell, which was half chemical, half josstick…really bizarre! I think I’d use the Avon one again, given the fact that I just have to fill in a form and have it brought straight to my door, and it was pretty easy to apply. Some of the home dyes are a bit runny and end up going everywhere, but this one was quite thick, so it didn’t drip or feel like it was melting off of my head!