So, some of you might remember that I wrote a post about Viridian’s Ultimate Beauty Complex a couple of months ago? Well, I’ve finished the course of capsules and wanted to give you an update.

While I was taking the supplement, I genuinely did notice an improvement in my hair and nails. I have pretty brittle hair and nails due to having an underactive thyroid, but they both just seemed stronger and healthier after about a week or so. My hair didn’t break as easily and I definitely didn’t need to rake the broken hair out of my hairbrush out quite as often!

The real imporvement was with my skin though. I recently got diagnosed with rosacea and my G.P. has tried several different antibiotic lotions to ease the problem, all of which have actually exacerbated the redness. I can’t definitively say that it was because of the capsules, and I would always recommend seeking professional treatment for any condition, but whilst I was using the Ultimate Beauty Complex, the redness and taught feeling in my cheeks really did seem to ease.

I’m not usually one for herbal supplements, mainly as I have to be so careful with contraindications with my other medication, but this one seemed different. No big promises of super-human cell regeneration, it just did what it said on the box, which was to improve my skin, hair and nails. I’d give it a (long fingernailed) thumbs up!