A few weeks ago I got an email through my blog from a lovely lady called Nina, who wanted to know if we wanted to test out a personalised pillowcase from Bags of Love.

“Why yes Nina, of course, we’d LOVE to try out a personalised pillowcase from Bags of Love”, I said (or words to that effect…)

We spent a while thinking about what picture to have printed on it, and rather than have a family photo (I’m not sure I’d like to sleep on a pillow with my own face on it!), we decided to let my Octonauts mad child have a treat! There’s not a lot of Octonauts merchandise out there at the moment, save for the incredible books, so we sent the picture off and waited.

Two days ago, this arrived on our doorstep:

And we are seriously impressed! The picture is vivid and bright, the print quality is excellent, and the pillowcase itself isn’t your average cotton pillowcase, it’s soft and silky and feels of a very high quality. Bags of Love have done us proud!

You can get your very own pillowcases from Bags of Love, as well as baby gifts, designer bedding, and they also have a whole range of gifts for Dad.