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As I’m sure my regular readers (or anyone who follows me on Twitter, is friends with me on Facebook, or strikes up a conversation with me in the queue at the Post Office…) will know, I struggle with my weight. Or, more appropriately, I struggle with my huge appetite and propensity to sit on my arse for long periods of time. I’ve tried to blog about previous weight loss efforts, only for them to go completely unfinished and never mentioned again, so when I was offered the chance to try Thinking Slimmer, I had some very mixed feelings.

Basically, Thinking Slimmer is a series of unique voice recordings called ‘Slimpods’, which you listen to at least once a day for 21 days, and along with the goals that you write down at the beginning, they start to change your attitude towards food, exercise and the way you view your weight loss.Well, my first impression was to be rather cynical about the whole thing. I’m not into all that Paul McKenna gubbins and couldn’t see how listening to someone speak would help. Plus it would mean having to redress my diet, which is daunting at the best of times.

However, I agreed to try ‘Drop Two Dress Sizes or More’ as I figured it was worth a try. I downloaded it and stuck it on my iPod to listen to in bed, as it’s perfectly okay to fall asleep whilst listening, as it’s not really talking to you, it’s talking to your subconscious (I’m pretty sure that’s a direct quote from the Slimpod, but I can’t be sure!). The first night, I put the Slimpod on and was asleep within seconds. This carried on for the next three weeks, and I have to be totally honest, I found it quite relaxing! There’s also a really supportive email sent to you everyday to help you along the way.

The first change I noticed was that I wasn’t as keen to snack anymore. I’m a big eater and tend to pick throughout the day, as well as eating quite large meals, but I’ve also found that I’ve been eating smaller meals too. And my attitude to exercise isn’t quite as bad, I don’t dread the thought of getting on the exercise bike or going for a walk quite as much as I did before.

As for results, well, I lost about 6lb in the first three weeks and have lost a further 3lb since then, without really doing very much! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying “Listen to this and the weight will fall off”, and Slimpod doesn’t claim to be a miracle fix, it just gently changes your attitude, which means that the results are beneficial for life, not just while you listen to the recordings.

I’ll be continuing to listen to the Slimpod everyday as I really feel like it’s had a positive impact on my body and mind, and I’m really hoping that I’ll be posting again in the next few months to tell you about all the weight I’ve lost!

You can buy a Thinking Slimmer Slimpod on their website for just £29.99, and there are plans for women, men, brides to be, chocaholics and all sorts!

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