I got a rather mysterious tweet from the lovely JoJo over at JoJo’s So Called Life this morning, asking me to look at a link. So I did and realised she was inviting me to join in with her brand spanking new linky called JoJo’s So Called Friends. The basic gist of it is that we all write a post about our friends and link up once a fortnight to share our stories.

This couldn’t have turned up at a better time because it just so happens that today is the birthday of one of my very best friends, one Ms. Sally Durant.

Photo totally stolen from Gary Sackman. Thanks Gary!

Sally and I met at school, and have had some AMAZING times together. Over the years we’ve laughed, cried, acted like total twonks together, and just generally made the most of each others company. We’ve also performed in a few school shows together too, but I’m hoping those pictures will stay buried! (*aahem* Gina G? Pans People?!) I’ll never forget the time when Sally was pregnant that we stood in the middle of a make-shift nightclub that someone had set up in the basement of their house (and were charging FIVE QUID to get in, if I remember rightly?!) and did the pregnancy dance, which basically just involved putting your arms in the air and wiggling around in a circle! (Probably a lot funnier if you were there, but trust me, it was a hoot!)

Then there was the entire summer where we spent every weekend, driving up and down Southend seafront in my car with Sally’s gorgeous daughter in the back, listening to The Outhere Brothers and other such classics!

When Sally went into labour with her daughter, I spent the entire time texting and ringing for updates, waiting to hear that everything was okay, and the first time I held Emily, I was so proud of Sally for creating something so beautiful. She’s still beautiful, and Sally should be SO proud of herself for raising such an intelligent, sweet and kind little girl.

There’s so much more I could say, so many memories to share, but I think I’ll save those for another day, and just leave you with this. Which is, I should add, SOOO NSFW!!

Love you Sal, happy birthday babe x