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Maternity Matters Launch Day is on Friday!

My friend and Maternity Matters partner, Susanne of Ghostwriter Mummy, has written a blog post telling her readers all about the launch of the new site, and while I could have rehashed what she said ever so slightly, as usual, she’s said everything that needs to be said perfectly.

Some of you will know that Maternity Matters is due to launch on Friday. Some of you will also know that Jayne and I are currently up to our eyes in it trying to get everything ready on time! Bear with us – it’s a work in progress, but that’s what makes it so special.

Maternity Matters has become more of a collaborative blog than certainly I anticipated and this fact alone makes me feel really rather privileged to be a part of it. Today one of our contributors came up with an excellent way to involve even more of us on launch day and Jayne and I would be honoured if some of you joined in.

On Friday, the lovely Natasha at The Life and Times of a Domestic Anarchist will be hosting a Maternity Matters Meme! This is to spread the word of MM and to involve as many parents and parent bloggers in our endeavour as possible. All you have to do is to link up an existing (or new, if you have time) post which you feel sums up what being a parent is all about. It might be something simple like a post you wrote about the first smile, or first steps. It might be the first wobbly tooth (!) or an achievement at school. It might be a hospital visit or a special word. Whatever the moment, its guaranteed that we have blogged about it at some point and we would like to celebrate it. By linking up posts like this, we hope to capture what Maternity Matters is all about – being a parent and fighting for our right to do that well.

So if you do join – and we hope you – please, please, tweet the hell out of it, using the hashtag #maternitymatters! Get as many people as possible involved. Post it on BMB, Twitter, Facebook pages. Get a mega phone and shout it from the rooftops if you want to. We really want all the hard work that our contributors have shared with us to be appreciated!

Maternity Matters has become an important part of my life at the moment and by sharing in this with so many I feel that I am becoming more and more ready to move on with what happened with my son’s birth. This week, almost 16 months after he was born, I agreed to see a birth trauma counsellor. This is my first step and this is why MM is so important.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Thanks to future contributors. Thanks to all of you who will be linking up on Friday!

So there you have it. We’d love it if you’d all get involved, and we hope you like our new venture!

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