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AirWick Review and Giveaway

Being dog owners, we’re often aware of how our house smells. We vacuum regularly and have a Dyson with  HEPA filter, which really helps, especially as I have allergies, but with a combination of dog beds and blankets, and actually having animals in the house, there’s always a chance that the house smells a bit musty. Having the windows open 24 hours a day would help, but in our not-so-clement English weather, it’s not the most practical option.

Because of all of this, I’m a bit of an air freshener addict. I love a good spritz about with a spray room freshener, have scented candles on the go and have even used the good old-fashioned gel air fresheners too. Whilst these are all great, I’m not keen on using spray fresheners around Sausage too often, and having a candle burning for long periods of time when you’re as scatty as me is just a no-no!

When AirWick asked if I’d like to test out their Luxury Collection, I jumped at the chance to feed my addiction! We received a sample of the plug-in in ‘Exotic Bamboo & Lotus Flower’ and a ‘Freshmatic i-motion Compact’ in ‘Precious Silk and Oriental Orchids’. The latter was extremely welcome in our gadget-obsessed house as is has a built-in motion detector which tells the device to give a little squirt when someone walks past! Extremely nifty, and we found it really handy to have in the bathroom.

As much as I’m a lover of room fragrances, I’m actually really fussy about the smell because I’m quite prone to migraines, and find that strong smells can set one off. This hasn’t been a problem with the plug-in, which I must admit, I have going pretty much all day! The whole house smells fresher, more homely, and overall, more welcoming.

I’ve got two sets to give away, each consisting of a Freshmatic i-motion Compact’ in ‘Precious Silk and Oriental Orchids’ and an ‘Exotic Bamboo & Lotus Flower’ plug in. To win, just leave me a comment below telling me you’d like to be entered, and I’ll draw the winner in one week. Good luck!

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