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It’s All About ME! – Update

Well, I’ve been using the First Aid Beauty Eye Roll-on for a little over two weeks, and I’m absolutely loving it! Last week, Sausage had a rotten chest infection, and one morning she got up at around 4.30am, as all of the coughing had woken her up. I dragged my sorry backside out of bed, feeling like a bag of poo and looked into the mirror to see two of the blackest, puffiest eyes looking back at me. I slapped on some of my eye-roller, and within half an hour, I was looking fresh as a daisy. Miraculous!

The Viridian Ultimate Beauty Complex capsules that I’ve been taking also seem to be working wonders. My nails seem stronger than ever, and also seem to be growing a little quicker than usual too. My hair doesn’t seem to be falling out as much (my hairbrush usually resembles a long-haired guinea pig) and my skin…well, that’s another issue. About a week after I started the capsules, Husband commented that my rosacea was looking better, but I decided to go to my G.P., just to get checked out. She gave me some antibiotic cream to use, and since I started using it, my cheeks have been redder than ever! So it’s off of the cream for now, and I’m hoping the improvements that I saw with the capsules will continue.

I’ve got some exciting product reviews coming up over the next couple of weeks, including hair extensions, make-up correctors and mens toiletries, as well as some great giveaways, so keep your eyes peeled (and bag-free, with an eye roll-on)

Wow, that last bit was cheesy, even for me!

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