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Today = AWESOME!

You know you have those days when you could reeeally use some cheering up? Today was one of those days. I have a rotten chest infection, a super attractive case of rosacea and my hay fever has reared its ugly head, which has all ganged up on me and turned me into a hacking, bright red, snotty mess.

Then, two things happened.

Firstly, I got an amazing phone call, telling me that I had finally found a Cybermummy sponsor, WOO HOO! I’ll be attending this years’ conference on behalf of two wonderful, AMAZING companies. The first one is Tummy Tub, the makers of a product that Husband and I swore by when Sausage was born, and whom I still hold a lot of belief in.

And the second is a company called Baby Allsorts, for whom I do some work, and who I consider to be more than my employer, but also my new friends. They sell some gorgeous products, including the aforementioned Tummy Tub, and are a brilliant family company. In fact, I insist that you all go there IMMEDIATELY and buy something from them!

The second bit of awesome news, is that you are looking at (…or, reading the words of…!) the newest member of the Brew Drinking Thinkings team! Little ol’ me will be writing the Technology and Gadgets section, and hope to do both the BDT team and Mum’s the Word proud! If there are any gadgets or tech that you can’t live without, or would like to know more about, please get in touch via the contact tab above, or Twitter, and let me know!

4 thoughts on “Today = AWESOME!

  1. Well done and well deserved!! I never knew there was this sponsorship world out there. Have a lovely time at cybermummy.

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