Your Romantic Song

One day, around Christmas 2006, Husband and I had my little sister over to stay. He’d been out with his friends and Emily and I had stayed in, watching films and having some sister-time. He got home quite late and had brought a Chinese in for us and we sat around, eating our takeaway, listening to random songs on the computer.

At one point, this song came on, and Husband turned to Emily and said “If I’d married your sister in this country, this is the song we’d have had as our first dance” (those of you who don’t know, Hubs and I got married abroad without our families there and didn’t have a first dance. Don’t feel sorry for us though, we did have a private dinner cooked and served to us on a beach in the Maldives, under the stars!)

Anyway, it was a moment of such sweetness and honesty that it’s always stuck in my head, and to me, this will always remind me of how wonderful my husband is.

(As usual, the record company are being really annoying, and you’ll have to go over to YouTube to listen)