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Introducing Maternity Matters

As my regular readers will know, I’m still extremely angry and dismayed about the treatment that led to the traumatic circumstances surrounding Sausage’s birth, and the total lack of support that we were offered afterwards. Since I have been blogging, I’ve come across many other women who’ve also suffered at the hands of a negligent health service, and one who stood out is the amazing Susanne at Ghostwriter Mummy, who has a whole section of her blog dedicated to giving other women a voice and a place to tell their birth story.

We’ve decided to join forces and create ‘Maternity Matters’, a new site dedicated to creating one voice, for all parents who’ve suffered a difficult birth, and hopefully improving maternity care for all. In support of the Netmums maternity campaign and for our children, Susanne and I are setting up Maternity Matters and we want you to join us.

Mission Statement:

Maternity Matters is a blog dedicated towards raising awareness of birth trauma, the positive birth choices that women are entitled to make and the steps which families can take to move on with their lives after a traumatic birth. Maternity Matters will not exclude anybody. Maternity Matters will be a place for support, guidance, advice and a shoulder to cry on. Maternity Matters will strive to deliver the latest in pregnancy, childbirth and maternity news and will offer opinions, research and real life experiences. Maternity Matters has a double meaning:

  • Emphasising the fact that mothers and their rights DO matter
  • Highlighting and challenging the state of maternity care in the UK.

We do not expect to make huge changes in the ways that families are treated during pregnancy and childbirth. We do hope to educate, guide and counsel families in order to help them make informed decisions and to move on from events that can be devastating.

Maternity Matters is extremely important to us. We hope that some of you will support us and contribute towards it all. We hope that we can help ladies like us and families like ours. We will post more news as it develops!

**Please contact myself or Susanne if you would like to contribute, via:
twitter @SusuRem or @jaynecrammond
by leaving a comment here or on Susanne’s blog
facebook: Mum’s the Word

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