I’m a lucky girl. I’ve got a beautiful family, a nice home, fantastic friends. But what many people don’t know, is that I’ve been to paradise. In fact, I’m so lucky, I got married in paradise.

The story of Husband and I getting married isn’t a typical one. We met, moved in together after three weeks, got engaged within six weeks and were married six months after our first meeting. I never believed in love at first sight, barely believed in marriage and knew for sure that it wasn’t for me and I’d convinced myself, after years of gynae problems, that I didn’t want any kids. But after a few weeks together, we both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Instead of doing the usual ‘white wedding’ (which, quite frankly gives me horrors, walking down an aisle in a meringue does not appeal to me) we decided to go here:

For two weeks, we swam in crystal clear waters, threaded our toes through the white sand, collected exotic shells, basked in the sunshine that seemed never-ending.

We got married, right there, on that beach. I walked down an aisle lined with candles and tropical flowers, carrying the most beautiful bouquet of island flora.

We made our vows to each other under a canopy of palms leaves, and ate our wedding dinner together under the same canopy, our only light provided by candles and the billions of stars above us.

The day before we were due to leave, we were saying our goodbyes to the wonderful staff and Wasseem, the lovely man who’d served us our drinks for two weeks said “You’ll be back here, in two years, with your daughter.” At the time, 13th August 2006, we had no intention of having children.

Two years later, almost to the day, on 6th August 2008, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter.

Sometimes, things are just meant to be.

This post is dedicated to my Husband. My soul mate, best friend, confidante and companion. I love you more than I can say.