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I thought I’d do a little post to give you an insight into the blogs which inspire me, the blogs that I love.

So here goes, in no particular order:

Hyperbole and a Half

This part comic, part blog, part autobiography is written by Allie Brosh and is probably my favourite blog on the whole of the interwebs. The illustrations, which are all done with MS Paint are unbelievably emotive and marry perfectly with her witty, irreverent and downright genius story telling style.

Her stories will have you laughing, squirming and sometimes wishing you could find her, wrap her in a blanket and give her a hug.

As a side note, her mini-blog Spaghatta Nadle is also well worth a read.

Free Anissa

Anissa Mayhew has been through more over the years than most. She started blogging after her daughter, Peyton, developed cancer at the age of 2 and a half. Anissa, who has herself suffered several strokes, is now a regular contributor at Aiming Low and gives us a view of what it’s like to be totally kick ass whilst rocking a wheelchair.

If you want an inspirational read, you be hard pushed to find one better than this.

The Spohrs are Multiplying

Another inspirational one, Heather Spohr is a mother to Annabel, and sadly lost her eldest daughter Maddie in 2009 to a respiratory infection. In spite of the trauma her family have suffered, Heather manages to make me laugh with almost every post and expresses herself with true grace and insight.

I also LOVE the How-To videos posted by self-confessed nervous hair twiddler Heather, in which she shows us how to recreate some great hair-dos!

Aiming Low

I couldn’t possibly talk about the blogs above without giving a nod to the site that brings them, and more, together into one place to produce a blog for average women everywhere.

Aiming Low is a blog which, in its own words, “strives for anti-perfection”. This blog is a breath of fresh air to women who don’t claim to be the best mother, the best housewife, the best at work, the best in bed…and so on!

With over a dozen regular contributors, Aiming Low is the blog for women who don’t want to be made to feel bad about their piles of laundry and the dishes in the sink.

Bakers Royale

This blog is for anyone who has ever eaten cake…and liked it.

Naomi combines her own love of baking and photography, and sifts through other baking blogs to bring you the best of baking from the internet. The pictures on her blog are so well taken and beautifully presented that you can’t help but salivate at the sumptuous creations. And the best part is, the recipes are right there on her blog, for you to recreate at home.

Do yourself a favour, though, don’t read this if you’re on a diet, about to go food shopping or standing next to somebody elses’ uncut birthday cake…the need to indulge yourself will be overwhelming!

Honourable Mentions

Percolations from a Decaf Mind – Dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with Tony’s two greatest passions – Technology and Liverpool Football Club.

Big Girl’s Browse – A great blog for those of us who aren’t stick thin, but still love to shop.

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